The most comprehensive and advanced instrument in the world for testing the electrical safety, power quality analysis and energy consumption compatible with iOS & Android.

HTOS™ Managing the power.

Through touch-screen you can get access to the involved measurement. Quickly set measurement parameters and press GO. Here it is, HTOS™, designed to be a continuous help to you. Its result options OK and NOT OK as well as its Help OnLine will make it your best partner so preventing you from wasting your time.

Evolution of saving.

• Virtual keyboard to enter comments.
• Saving on file structure.
• New detailed reports with TopView software.

Insulation resistance

AUTO function
• Rapid setting of limit values and test voltages through virtual keyboard.
• Setting of Timer for the test
Test voltage 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 VDC

RCD testing

• Test on general, selective and delayed RCDs type A, AC up to 1A and B up to 300mA.
• Test on RCDs with external toroidal transformer and test current up to 10A*.
• Test mode x½, x1, x2, x5 and AUTO to make 6 test sequences.
Ramp: measurement of real tripping current.
*with optional accessory RCDX10.

Continuity of protection conductors with 200mA

Calibration of measuring cables
• Rapid setting of limit values through virtual keyboard.
• Setting of Timer and resistance limit for the test

Any kind of installation.

Earth resistance with 2- or 3-pole volt-ampere method in TT, TN and IT systems. After setting the distribution system (TT, TN, IT) the instrument can check the requisites provided by the standards IEC/EN61557-1 for protection against indirect contacts with positive outcome in case of compliance.

More than one earth.

In addition to volt ampere method other testing modes can be adopted as follows:
› Stackless earth ground resistance measurement with T2100 (optional)
GSC60 adopts an innovative method for earth resistance measurement eliminating the worry of finding a place for auxiliary earth rods. Earth resistance measurement will be easier thanks to an algorithm HTEarth storing all measurements effected with clamp T2100 and calculating earth resistance value without disconnecting rods. › Non-trip earth loop impedance measurement
It measures earth resistance and contact voltage without causing protections tripping in systems with neutral and without neutral. › Soil resistivity
It measures soil resistivity with 4-pole Wenner method.

Measurement of leakage currents

GSC60 measures leakage currents through external clamps like HT96U. You can also record the time course in order to understand the behavior of that currents.

Measurement of environmental parameters through external probes

Using external transducer it is possible to measure the following environmental parameters
• Air temperature in °C, °F and RH%
• Air relative humidity
• Illuminancewith ranges 20/2k/20kLux

Advanced Loop

Line/Loop Impedance, Testing of MCBs, fuses and cable sizing.

Just challenge us.

STD Line impedance measurement between L-N, L-L, L-PE and calculation of prospective short circuit current.
I2t Testing of MCB against short circuit thermal effect.
kA Testing of MCB tripping power.
› Testing of MCB against indirect contacts (TT-TN-IT systems).
› Testing of MCB tripping time.
All the measurements can be also effected with high resolution (0.1mΩ) using IMP57 (optional accessory).

No more guessing.

I2t Testing of MCB against short circuit thermal effect.
Are cables suitably sized to support short circuit currents? Is MCBs’ tripping time short enough to safeguard your cables? GSC60 will direct you in solving those problems.
After setting the type of MCB/fuse, of cable section and conductor material you will be advised of line protection according to I2t formula.

Where, according to standards, K represents the conductor material while S is the cable section. › kA Testing of MCB tripping power. Is the short circuit current calculated in every point of the line suitable? If yes your MCB is correctly sized. › Testing of protection against indirect contacts (TT-TN-IT systems) When an earth fault occurs masses can become potentially dangerous as long as protection trips out. The instrument checks that danger does not overcome the limits set by the standards. For example in a TN system after setting the curve type and tripping time of MCB the instrument calculates short circuit current with positive outcome if MCB trips out before contact voltage becomes dangerous. › Testing of MCB tripping time. If MCBs comply with tripping times provided by the standards the instrument will indicate positive outcome.

Analysis of power quality and energy consumption.

› 9 types of electrical systems: 1Φ-2wires, 1Φ-split phase, 3Φ-3 wires, 3Φ-Aron, 3Φ-Open Δ, 3Φ-Open Y, 3Φ-2 el. 1/2, 3Φ-4 wires Y, 3Φ-High Leg
› 632 parameters can be recorded for over two months
› Real Time. Real-time display of all wave forms, harmonics, vector diagrams as well as summary function on phases for a quick reading of the most important parameters.
› Voltage anomalies. Detection of voltage anomalies with a resolution of 20ms.
› Energy saving. By one click thoroughly check the electrical absorption of all the equipment connected to mains power supply and save on energy costs.

Global connection.

Thanks to WiFi capability you can easily transfer data and get through App HTANALYSIS™. You can check your test results, save them on HTCloud™ or send them by email. Your working team will be always in touch.

Live. Real Time Analysis.

Wi-Fi connection allows you to display wave forms, vector diagrams, harmonics and all electrical parameters for each phase on your tablet/smartphone/PC.

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! Enlarge, Jump, Analyze: Two fingers needed.

GSC60 helps to dispel the myth that recording analysis is complex.
App HTanalysis makes it simple and clear. Using ZOOM Functions you can display all the recorded quantities.
JUMP Function displays harmonics in any recording step just by clicking on the quantity.

HTanalysys is available for free on AppStore™ or Playstore™

Enrich your measures

App HTanalysis will change your working concept.
During testing you can:
• Dictate comments orally
• Associate a picture or a video to each measurement
• Review and customize your measurements

HTCloud will enable you to share your measurements with everybody.

HT Cloud™
whatever and wherever.

Install App HTanalysis to avail yourself of HTCloud database and share measurement results and recordings with your colleagues from any place on the planet.